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    Call for Projects - TEAM, South Initiatives and JOINT 2018

    TEAM projects and South initiatives are departmental projects which focus on specific developmental problems. JOINT stands for JOINT (Intern)national Academic Networking. JOINT projects are about academic exchange and networking in broad international or national setting.

    Call for International Training Programmes (ITP) 2018-2019

    The International Training Programmes (ITP) are short- or medium term, intensive, interactive, and applicable trainings, organised at a university or university college in Belgium/Flanders targeting participants from developing countries with relevant professional experience in the topic of the ITP and who are in the possibility to transfer and thus multiply the obtained knowledge and skills to a wider audience in the home country. VLIR-UOS provides scholarships in order to facilitate the partici-pation of the targeted participants.

  • Calls for scholarships VLIR-UOS

    Call Travel Grants 2017

    A Travel grant is a funding for EU students at a Flemish university or university college for a stay of at least one month in one of 33 scholarship countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The stay is usually (part of) an internship or a thesis.

    Call master and training scholarships 2017

    Scholarships for Master programmes (ICP) and short term trainings (ITP) in Flanders (Belgium).

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