Get Together Night for VLIR-UOS scholars 2013


Foto 5On December 6th 2013, all VLIR-UOS scholars currently in Belgium were invited to our Get Together Night. The main goal of this event is to bring together scholars from the different Flemish universities in an informal way to create a community feeling and a forum for the exhange of ideas and for the exploration of possible cooperation.


"I never knew the programme supports so many people from different countries"


Foto 6As the tradition goes, the event is organized in a different city each time. This time, it was Antwerp University which had the pleasure to welcome more than 400 participants, including scholars, professors and university and VLIR-UOS staff. The night started off with a visit to the MAS museum in Antwerp where we were able to enjoy the view over the city from the rooftop and where we visited the temporary exhibition “Happy Birthday Dear Academie”. Later, we moved on to the nearby Felix Pakhuis where we enjoyed a delicious dinner and opened the dance floor for a multicultural dancing evening.


"The dinner and the party made me interact more with other students, especially when dancing I was able to experience how everybody was loosening up, no matter where they came from."


Foto 8An evaluation among the scholars shows that the evening was a great success. It was a perfect relief away from studying, and new friendships between scholars of different nationalities and universities have been made. Thanks to the ICOS from Antwerp University for the organization!


You can view all the pictures of the Get Together Night here.




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