How to find the WOW factor in complex research?


Nobody is interested in boring stories. To get research out there in the media, on stage or in the university magazine you must have a wow factor. We have written the WOW HANDBOOK FOR RESEARCHERS to give you the tools to find your wow factor. Download it now or read it online (also in Dutch).


  • For researchers involved in international projects
  • With practical communication tips, expert insights and inspiring cases 




“It is really a useful handbook” (Le Van Khoa, professor at Can Tho University, Vietnam)

“Congratulations with the beautiful and practical handbook!” (Stéphanie Frere, international relations officer, University of Hasselt)

“Fantastic resource” (Frank Stadler, researcher at Griffith University, Australia)


The WOW FACTOR is among the winners

EUPRIO_logo -300x 153VLIR-UOS won the third prize at the EUPRIO Award 2015 with its project 'How to find the wow factor in complex research'. EUPRIO is the association of higher education communicators in Europe.


KortomThe project also won the third prize at the Kortom Communication Awards 2015, organized by the Flemish public communication association Kortom.


What is the wow factor?

The wow factor is the element in your research communication that attracts the audience’s attention and starts a conversation.


Why does the wow factor matter?

wow factor => attention => being known => being loved => support, funding… => IMPACT


How to find the wow factor? 

Read the WOW HANDBOOK or participate in a Wow Factor Workshop, organized by VLIR-UOS. PhD student Molly Gabaza found her wow factor during a workshop: 

Becoming Next Einstein



VLIR-UOS supports partnerships between universities and university colleges in Flanders (Belgium) and Africa, Asia and Latin America, looking for innovative responses to global and local challenges. 


Read more about the VLIR-UOS project on research communication.



Are you interested in research communication? Do you want to get your story out there? Do you need some help to find your wow factor? Contact


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