VLIR-UOS annual report 2012


Annual Report 2012‘It is difficult, but if you are convinced, you can do it!’ These are the words of the Ethiopian researcher Alemtsehay Tsegay. They could summarize the past months of VLIR-UOS.


The budget uncertainty in 2013 threatened our organization and cooperation model. But we persevered and finally we got our budget, thanks to the support and commitment of many who believed in our mission, including you.


Together we are stronger than alone. It is an ancient wisdom. In the 2012 annual report we bring stories of professors, researchers and students who, together with colleagues from around the world, create new knowledge, apply it and share it.


Does it matter? Yes it does. The partnerships strengthen individuals, universities and societies. In Ecuador for example, the universities created a national network, thanks to Flemish cooperation. In Ethiopia professors can now use their own research examples in their teaching. In South Africa a storytelling project brings the oral history of the Batho township to life. And in the Philippines the production of design lamps made from waste stimulates local employment.


We hope you enjoy your reading.


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