Headquarters in Brussels

The headquarters of VLIR-UOS in Brussels counts 20 employees

Contacts at the Flemish universities and university colleges

The Institutional coordinators for Development Cooperation (ICOS) are the contacts of VLIR-UOS at the Flemish universities, university colleges and associations. The ICOS inform academics of their institution and association about opportunities for cooperation. They help their institution to draw up project proposals and provide support for the execution of the projects.

Bureau UOS

The Bureau University Development Cooperation (Bureau UOS) is responsible for the general policy for university development cooperation of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR). It was founded by VLIR as an administrative authority for university development cooperation.


The Bureau UOS consists of a representative of each Flemish university and a representative of the university colleges. Its members are Paul Janssen, UHasselt (president); Herwig Leirs, UAntwerp (vice president); Guido Van Huylenbroeck, UGent; Stefaan Smis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Johan De Tavernier, KU Leuven; Kurt Debaere, Howest (on behalf of VLHORA).

Steering Committee UOS for consultation with the federal government

The Steering Committee for University Cooperation for Development (Steering Committee UOS) is the consultative committee between VLIR-UOS and the Belgian federal government. It deals with the policy about university cooperation for development, the follow-up of funding programmes and the execution of the agreements between the Belgian government and VLIR-UOS.


The Steering Committee consists of the VLIR-UOS board, the Bureau UOS and representatives of both the Directorate-General Development Cooperation (DGD) and the minister of Development Cooperation.

Selection committees and expert groups

The selection committees judge project proposals for VLIR-UOS funding on the basis of selection criteria. Based on the advice of the selection committees, the Bureau UOS confirms the selection of the projects. The selection committees consist of national and international experts from the academic world and the development cooperation, and of representatives of the Belgian federal government. You can find an overview of the selection commission members here. The president of the Bureau UOS presides over the selection meetings.


The VLIR-UOS selection system was revised at the Bureau UOS on 30 June 2017. This revised selection system applies to all calls launched in February 2017 and onwards. You can find the new version of the Policy & guidelines here.


VLIR-UOS has two groups of experts, one concerning ICT and the other concerning library development. The expert groups' main objective is to share information and experiences and to advise VLIR-UOS, e.g. about the use of ICT and online learning in higher education and research.

The network of VLIR-UOS

VLIR-UOS cooperates closely with ARES-CCD which is responsible for the university cooperation for development with Belgian French speaking universities. 


VLIR-UOS is a member of organisations and initiatives such as Kauri, EDUCAID, ACA, EAIE, the Flemish Partnership Water for Development and the Development Debates. In addition, VLIR-UOS has contacts with a wide range of organisations of development cooperation and higher education.