Morocco is one of the 20 partner countries of VLIR-UOS. From 2003 to 2016 VLIR-UOS budgeted € 954.775 for cooperation programmes with Morocco, including one long-term institutional university programme with Université Moulay Ismaïl.


Morocco is also one of the 31 scholarship countries of VLIR-UOS. Nationals can apply for a scholarship to follow a training or Master programme at a Flemish university or university college.

Facts and figures


Total budget Morocco 2003-2016 (in €)



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A country strategy for Morocco

The Country Strategy for Morocco identifies the following main themes for all future interventions in the cooperation with Morocco (French was the used language during the identification mission, the report has also been written in French):


  • Environnement, gestion des ressources et biotechnologies: les universités flamandes et marocaines ont ciblé des thèmes en lien avec la gestion durable des ressources (notamment, en matière de gestion de l'eau)
  • Santé: les professions médicales et paramédicales sont des priorités pour le développement du pays et donc pour l'enseignement supérieur
  • Développement social: plusieurs universités ont souligné le faible engagement dans les thématiques sociales au Maroc, en comparaison avec le développement scientifique et technologique. Elles se sont donc montrées favorables à un appui du VLIR-UOS en ce domaine (immigration, inclusion sociale)
  • Administration et gouvernance territoriale, au regard du grand chantier naissant de la régionalisation au Maroc
  • Agricultureet valorisation des produits du terroir,logistique
  • Entrepreneuriat, capacités de leadership et management


The following crosscutting themes are relevant for all activities in Morocco:


  • Gouvernance des universités: aide aux projets de fusion, amélioration de la gouvernance dans le cadre de l'autonomisation des universités; aide au développement de cotutelles; renforcement des infrastructures de recherche (centres et laboratoires); développement des partenariats avec le secteur privé
  • E-learning, MOOCs et nouvelles méthodes d'apprentissage face à la massification des étudiants
  • Ingénierie pédagogique: montage de formations, renforcement des capacités des enseignants/formateurs
  • Formation des chercheurs universitaires et des experts du CNRST au montage de projets et à l'évaluation de la recherche


More information on the VLIR-UOS Country Strategy process for Morocco.

Background documents

  • The Morocco Fact Sheet is a draft summary (work in progress) on the general status of the country with specific attention for the development aid actors as well as the sector of higher education.
  • Lists of Flemish universities and Flemish university colleges.
  • Joint Context Analysis (JCA) of Morocco. This document aims at an analysis of the context in Morocco and of the opportunities to collaborate for the non-governmental actors of the Belgian Development Cooperation from 2017 until 2026. It should primarily be seen as an opportunity to identify possible ways of cooperation, complementarity and synergy.
  • Joint Strategic Framework (JSF) of Morocco. This document presents different joint strategic goals which the non-governmental actors have put forward, based on the JCA Morocco. Each goal is specified into different approaches, which reflects the contributions of different actors to the joint strategic goal. An elaboration on the development relevance of every goal is also included. The last chapter elaborates commitments for synergy and complementarity between Belgian actors, related to the presented goals and approaches. Special attention is given to the transversal themes gender and environment.
  • Background document Morocco. This document gives basic information on the VLIR-UOS country strategy, the link with the Joint Strategic Framework Morocco and information on the programmes of other Belgian non-governmental actors active in Morocco.


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Programme Officer South

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Ongoing projects

Overview of ongoing projects



    Putting people together: managing wetlands in Morocco

    Putting people together: managing wetlands in Morocco

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