Institutional cooperation with Bahir Dar University (BDU), Ethiopia

Flemish programme coordinator: Jan Nyssen (Ghent University)

Local programme coordinator: Enyew Adgo


Phase 1 started on 1 January 2017.


1. Transversal Institutional Strengthening Project (TISP)

Flemish project leader: Marc Govaerts (Hasselt University)

Local project leader: Enyew Adgo


2. Land resilience

Flemish project leader: Amaury Frankl (Ghent University)

Local project leader: Alemayehu Wassie


3. Water management and its implications to the hydro-system dynamics in the Tana-Beles area, Upper Blue Nile basin

Flemish project leader: Kristine Walraevens (Ghent University)

Local project leader: Mekete Dessie


4.Postharvest and food processing in northwest Ethiopia

Flemish project leader: Bart Nicolai (KU Leuven)

Local project leader: Getachew Alemayehu


5. Aquatic ecology and waterborne diseases in the Lake Tana basin

Flemish project leader: Elie Verleyen (Ghent University)

Local project leader: Mulugeta Kibret


6. Socioeconomics, sustainable livelihood and environmental management in northwest Ethiopia

Flemish project leader: Steven Van Passel (University of Antwerp)

Local project leader: Amare Sewnet

About the partnership

The overall academic objective is to boost the capacity of BDU in 22 departments/units, and to uplift the overall institutional capacity of BDU through joint implementation of research projects on “Land Resilience”, “Hydro(geo)logy”, “Postharvest and food processing”, “Aquatic ecology and waterborne diseases”, and “Socio-economic development”. A Transversal Institutional Strengthening Project (TISP) is included. Academically, major outputs of the programme will be the training of 17 PhD graduates and 7 pre-doctoral studies at international level, 28 MSc studies and short term trainings at BDU.


The overall development objective is to contribute to the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy in northwest Ethiopia through research geared towards the solution of bottlenecks related to environment, water, food security, health and economical and social development.


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