Institutional cooperation with Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), Mozambique

Flemish programme coordinator: Martin Valcke (Ghent University), assistant to coordinator: Olivier Degomme (Ghent University)

Local programme coordinator: Nafissa Osman, Lucas Carlos and Capece Bettencourt

Operational coordination: Annick Verheylezoon (ICOS Ghent University) and Sergio Nhanombe


Phase 1 started on 1 April 2008, Phase 2 started on 1 April 2013 and Phase out started on 1 January 2018.

Cluster 1: Research/Extension

1. Human Rights

Flemish project leader: Eva Brems (Ghent University)

Local project leader: Orquidea Massarongo


2. Social Rights and Social Protection

Flemish project leader: Petra Foubert (University of Hasselt)

Local project leader: Paulo Comoane


3. Gender, Health and Family Issues

Flemish project leader: Gily Coene (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Local project leader: Carlos Manuel


4. Reproductive Health

Flemish project leader: Kristien Roelens (Ghent University)

Local project leader: Khatia Munguambe

Cluster 2: Institutional Service Delivery

5. Capacity Building

Flemish project leader: Mieke Van Herreweghe (Ghent University)

Local project leader: Natasha Ribeiro


6. Bio-Statistics and Modelling

Flemish project leader: Marc Aerts (Hasselt University)

Local project leader: Rafika Razac

About the partnership

After an intensive mid-term evaluation, all stakeholders of the IUC-programme with Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, nicknamed DESAFIO, agreed that the central theme of Sexual and Reproductive Health was still very actual in the political and social reality of Mozambique. Hence, entering the IUC-programme into a second phase was considered very useful. Two transversal projects on capacity building (P5) and biostatistics and modelling (P6) will support the thematic projects on human and social rights (P1 & P2), Gender (P3) and reproductive health (P4). All projects will further concentrate on curriculum development and research based education and validate the knowledge that was gathered during the first phase (2008 - 2012) of the IUC-programme.


Institutional University Cooperation




Mid-term evaluation of the ongoing cooperation with the Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique (April 2012)

Mid-term evaluation of the ongoing cooperation with the Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique (April 2012)

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