Institutional cooperation with Université du Burundi, Burundi

Flemish programme coordinator: Stef Vandeginste (University of Antwerp)

Local programme coordinator: Gaspard Banyankimbona

Operational coordination: Marjan Vermeiren (ICOS University of Antwerp) and Thaddée Barancira


Phase 1 started on 1 April 2011, Phase 2 started on 1 April 2014 and Phase 3 started on 1 January 2017.


1. Strengthening teaching and research capacity in basic sciences and pharmacy

Flemish project leader: Joseph Rogiers (KU Leuven)

Local project leader: Gaspard Ntakimazi


2. Contribution to the improvement of medical education, research and to the quality of health care in the community

Flemish project leader: Jean-Pierre Van geertruyden (University of Antwerp)

Local project leader: Jacques Ndikubagenzi


3. Rural development and food security in the provinces of Ngozi and Kayanza

Flemish project leader: Jos Van Orshoven (KU Leuven)

Local project leader: Jean Ndimubandi


4. Capacity building for teaching and research in the Faculty of Law

Flemish project leader: Vincent Sagaert (KU Leuven/University of Antwerp)

Local project leader: Stanislas Makoroka


5. New communication and information technologies

Flemish project leader: Leo Van Biesen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Local project leader: Léonard Batururimi

About the partnership

The Université du Burundi (UB) is the only public university of the country and is located in the capital Bujumbura. It started an IUC programme in 2010 that fully subscribed to the PRSP development priorities of a post-conflict area. In this context the University of Burundi is to be reinforced in its role of development actor towards society through interventions of higher education and research. As such a  partnership with the Flemish universities and university colleges is established and sustainable scientific cooperation implemented.


The IUC programme encompasses 5 thematic projects, basic sciences, rural health, food security, development of the Rule of Law and ICT and library development. Most of the projects are campus-based but projects 2 and 3 operate in the North of the country in the provinces of Ngozi, Kirundo and Muyinga. The partnership proudly carries the label 'Kubadilishana Mawazo, Kugeuza Maisha' or 'Sharing minds, Changing lives' in Kiswahili.


For more information on the programme, you can also visit the UB - VLIR-UOS website (in French).


Institutional University Cooperation




Evaluation à mi-parcours de la coopération en cours avec l'Université du Burundi (UB) (Juillet 2013)

Evaluation à mi-parcours de la coopération en cours avec l'Université du Burundi (UB) (Juillet 2013)

This evaluation is only available in French.

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