Call for experts for the VLIR-UOS regional selection commissions


VLIR-UOS is looking for candidates to recompose its regional selection commissions Africa (2 commissions: Africa great lakes and Africa 2), Asia and Latin-America. These selection commissions perform the assessment of new project proposals to be selected in view of complementing VLIR-UOS country programmes.


Please note that academics from a Belgian university or university college are not eligible, and that selected committee members will not be allowed to execute in person other VLIR-UOS assignments (f.e. evaluations) in the future.


To apply for this call an online survey must be filled in here.


Call document




The members of the regional commissions are not appointed at a Belgian university of university college, research institute or any other higher education institution.


The members cannot combine membership of a commission with the execution of external evaluation assignments or promotership or any other project/programme responsibility for VLIR-UOS, nor an active role in an NGA programme (within the Joint Strategic Frameworks of Belgian indirect development cooperation) in the countries covered by the commission for which he/she applies.

Required competences of the selection commissions

The following competences should be covered by each regional commission:


  • international academic or development cooperation background (thematic focus - development studies, poverty reduction, ...);
  • specific regional expertise (geographical focus - countries, regions);
  • generic expertise in higher education policy, scientific research policy and practice;
  • technical expertise (programme management, intervention modalities, effectiveness & efficiency, impact, sustainability, monitoring and evaluation, ...).
Type of Commissions and number of selection commission members to be appointed
  • Regional Selection Commission Africa 1: 4 positions (DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda)
  • Regional Selection Commission Africa 2: 4 positions (Ethiopia, Morocco, South Africa)
  • Regional Selection Commission Asia: 4 positions (Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam)
  • Regional Selection Commission Latin America: 4 positions (Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua)
  • Substitute members: at least 2 positions per commission
Launch of the call for Membership in a Selection commission 12 March 2018
Deadline submission of applications

16 April 2018

Appointment selection commission members 27 April 2018


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