Call for Projects - TEAM, South Initiatives and JOINT 2019


The new call for projects (TEAM, South Initiatives and JOINT) 2019 has been launched.


TEAM projects and South initiatives are departmental projects which focus on specific developmental problems. JOINT stands for JOINT (Intern)national Academic Networking. JOINT projects are about academic exchange and networking in broad international or national setting.


The call




Note: French formats are not available. French text to be included in the proposal documents (only for DR Congo).


Important documents when elaborating a project proposal (Background documents of the call)


Note: Background documents 7-23 (documents per country, with information on the country stragegy and the joint strategic framework) can be found in the call document on pages 26-27 or on the country pages on the VLIR-UOS website.


Documents for the ICOS


How to submit a proposal? (VLIR-UOS database)


The table below provides an overview of all crucial information and also of the eligible countries per intervention type (TEAM / South Initiative / JOINT):



South Initiatives: max. € 70.000 per project

TEAM: max. € 280.000 per project

JOINT: max. € 135.000 per project


South Initiatives: max. 2 years

TEAM: max. 4 years

JOINT: max. 3 years


TEAM: Flemish universities (university colleges only as co-promoter or team member)

South Initiatives and JOINT: Flemish universities and university colleges


Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, DR Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia (only South Initiatives and JOINT), Kenya, Morocco, Nicaragua (only South Initiatives and JOINT), Peru, Philippines (only South Initiatives and JOINT), South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam

Launch of the call: 5 March 2018
Deadline submission project proposals at level of the Flemish universities and university colleges (ICOS of the university association): 17 May 2018
Deadline sending of proposals by ICOS of the university association to VLIR-UOS: 7 June 2018 (18h00 Belgian time)
Submission (two-stage):

by the Flemish academic to the ICOS

by the ICOS to VLIR-UOS


Selection of proposals will be done through regional commissions which will be qualified to evaluate proposals that will be executed in VLIR-UOS partner countries. The regional commissions (consisting of four members) for this call of proposals are composed of the following countries:


  1. Africa commission 1 (Great Lakes): DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda
  2. Africa commission 2: Ethiopia, Morocco, South Africa
  3. Latin America: Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua
  4. Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam



On 19 March 2018 VLIR-UOS organised anformation session for potential applicants and ICOS about the call for proposals for TEAM-SI-JOINT 2019.


The following topics were discussed:


  • General information about the call TEAM-SI-JOINT 2019
  • Introduction to the project formats (M&E approach)
  • General information about financial guidelines
  • Sources of information per country (website, JSF, ...)
  • Miscellaneous (Q&A)
  • Questions per country (to be confirmed, during lunch)


The detailed programme of the infosession can be downloaded here.


The presentations are available here:




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