Overview of intervention types

As of January 2017, the VLIR-UOS portfolio consists of a South and Belgium portfolio. 

Within its South portfolio, VLIR-UOS supports interventions at departmental, institutional and national level.


The Belgium portfolio consists of three broad intervention categories (sub programmes of the country programme Belgium): Global Minds, Education and Scholarships and Policy Supporting Research.

  • National level

    Network University Cooperation

    A Network University Cooperation (NETWORK) programme is a national level institutional network led by a former IUC - cooperation with focus on a prior...

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  • Institutional level

    Institutional University Cooperation

    With the Institutional University Cooperation programme (IUC) VLIR-UOS facilitates a 12-year partnership between a university in the South and Flemish...

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  • Departmental level


    With the TEAM intervention type VLIR-UOS funds cooperation in terms of education, research and social service between departments of a Flemish univers...

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    South Initiatives (SI)

    With the programme South Initiatives VLIR-UOS funds small scale projects with a limited budget. The projects are initiated by Flemish academics and re...

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    Joint (Inter)national Academic Networking (JOINT)

    JOINT projects are about academic exchange and networking in broad international or national setting. These projects are initiated at department level...

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  • Global Minds

    Global Minds

    Global Minds aims to strengthen and deepen the capacities and knowledge of Flemish universities and university colleges in the area of development. He...

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  • Education and scholarships in Flanders

    Education and scholarships in Flanders

    This intervention type category aims at capacity building programmes targeting students/academics/professionals from the “South” through participation...

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  • Policy supporting research

    Policy supporting research

    Academic policy support, jointly funded by VLIR-UOS and ARES, delivers research outputs on specific themes of interest within the Belgian development ...

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