IUC alliances


In the framework of the institutional university cooperation programme (IUC) synergies were sought with external organisations that could provide support services to the attainment of the programme wide objectives. These alliances may be long term or limited to an agreed upon project framework.


In the context of country-level activities engaged under the new country strategy approach of VLIR-UOS, synergies and alliances will become even more important.


Within its country-level and IUC approach, VLIR-UOS has strong international alliances with Close the Gap and IFS. Other institutional alliances from the past (Ex-change, INASP, Kauri) and new opportunities for alliances will be looked into in the context of the new country-level activities of VLIR-UOS. As such, this can also mean that alliances are more differentiated at the national/ country cooperation level. 


Close the Gap

Close the Gap (CTG) is a dynamic Belgian NGO that obtains donated IT equipment from the private and public sector.


Its partnership/alliance with VLIR-UOS has been translated into different systems. On the one hand the CTG offer can be acquired making use of the project budgets (IUC, Network, TEAM, SI), based on a solid project plan and whereby the project holders engage into a direct contract relation with CTG.


On the other hand, VLIR-UOS has since 2003/2004 established a programme for outreach initiatives whereby competitive project calls are launched helping partners to engage in ‘outreach’ collaborations with external strategical chosen partners (hospitals, schools, NGO, local governments). In the context of the call, funding through delivery of refurbisched PCs is granted on the basis of a proposal of ‘outreach’ between the IUC partner university and an external organisation. Next to PCs for the external organisation the IUC partner could also receive a number of PCs to strengthen its own capacity.


Since 2011, the new country strategy approach also led to new relations and opportunities for cooperations at the national level, whereby it is understood that those external organisations can also be relevant partners to strengthen national impact of IUC and Network projects.

International Foundation for Science

International Foundation for Science (IFS) is a Swedisch NGO founded in 1972 with the aim to support research in developing countries. This is done by providing small research grants to young researchers. Recently, also other support services are being provided as there were scientific writing workshops. IFS and VLIR-UOS are currently re-organising their alliance and a number of activities are foreseen in 2013.