IUC Crosscutting and VLIR-UOS expert groups


As of 2017 the crosscutting initiatives are part of JOINT projects (Joint (Inter)national Academic Networking).



The Crosscutting projects emerged from common transversal support needs in Institutional University Cooperation programmes which could be tackled through international exchange and partnership. In fact, in the framework of the IUC programme VLIR-UOS organised expert groups of academics and technical staff active in university cooperation for development along a number of specific earmarked domains of transversal support: ICT capacity building, library support, automation and development; and statistics (for research).


Apart from these domains experts from universities and university colleges were joined on a regular basis to discuss common problems, also topics like scientific methods (scientific writing, project proposal writing) and university management (international offices strengthening) were supported.


In the domains of ICT, Library and Statistics this led to annual project proposals and selections based on the advice of the above mentioned expert groups which are organised along the following lines: