IUC management system

IUC management system

The IUC management system is based on the following division of tasks:



VLIR-UOS is responsible for the programming - including the selection of partner universities, monitoring and evaluation of the overall programme. VLIR-UOS is accountable to the Belgian government.


The university of the Flemish coordinator and the partner university

The university of the Flemish coordinator and the partner university have the responsibility to jointly manage the implementation of the partner programme and the constituent activity programmes based on an agreement signed by the Flemish coordinating university, the partner university and VLIR-UOS.


On the Flemish side, the programme implementation is facilitated by the Institutional Coordinators for University Cooperation for Development (ICOS) of the university of the Flemish coordinator.


Locally, the partner university nominates alocal coordinatorwho has the local academic and financial responsibility and provides the link with the local university management. Also, a  full timeprogramme manageris appointed in order to support the local coordinator and take up responsibility for day-to-day management and monitoring of activities, as also the management of a programme support unit consisting of administrative programme support staff.


Steering committee

Both in Flanders and the South a steering committee is established to coordinate the implementation of a partner programme. On an annual basis both committees hold a Joint Steering Committee Meeting (JSCM).


Project leaders and team members

Each project within the partner programme is coordinated by a Flemish and a local project leader. They are responsible for the execution of the project, together with a team of both Flemish and local professors, researchers and collaborators.