Scholarships and grants for Flemish/European students

Travel grants for internships or research stays

REI photo 2EU students that are enrolled at a Flemish university or university college can apply for a grant for an internship or a research stay in one of the 31 scholarship countries and Suriname, or India (only in 2017). The minimum stay is 28 consecutive days.


One of the requisites for the students is to have a supervisor at the home institution and in the country of destination. The Flemish universities and university colleges are responsible for the selection and management of the grants.

Some examples of internships or research stays:

  • placement in a hospital
  • music education in a primary school
  • research on the impact of national parks on the local population
  • research into the control of agricultural pests
  • research on the use of digital information channels
  • research into creative ways to learn a foreign language


Students can find information about the contact for Travel Grants at their university or university college here.

PhD scholarships

VLADOC Bert ReubensVLIR-UOS offered PhD scholarships (VLADOC) to EU citizens for research at a Flemish university or university college on a development oriented subject. The duration of the scholarship is minimum 2 and maximum 4 years. Read more about the VLADOC PhD scholarships.


VLIR-UOS will not launch calls for individual PhD scholarships any longer, to start in 2017 or beyond. To check out your opportunities, please contact the Flemish universities themselves through the ICOS.

Guidelines and formats

For guidelines and formats for the travel grants, please view Guidelines and Forms Travel Grants (REI).


Travel grants:

Ragna Frans

Programmabeheerder Beurzen

[t] + 32 2 289 05 57




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