Guidelines and forms

General guidelines

Communication guidelines

Here you will find the VLIR-UOS logo as well as the logo 'With the support of the Belgian Development Cooperation', the VLIR-UOS corporate colours, a general description of VLIR-UOS and communication guidelines for pictures, videos or an article about a project or a scholarship.


Guidelines for the VLIR-UOS database

Guidelines and manuals for the VLIR-UOS database.


Selection system policy and guidelines

Policy and guidelines for the VLIR-UOS selection system.


Monitoring & Evaluation Policy 

General policy regarding result-oriented monitoring and evaluation. 


Gender policy

Guidelines for gender mainstreaming in VLIR-UOS projects.



Overview of hotel, per diem and kilometre allowances.


Procedure for visa

Guidelines for the Flemish institutions concerning the procedure for visa for scholars and trips abroad.


Scholarship guidelines and report forms

Overview of the guidelines and budgets for scholarships and report formats for travel grants for scholars going to Belgium (Congo projects, IUC, TEAM).


Guidelines and forms per programme

Useful external guidelines

Guidelines for evaluating development research

The  Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences developed guidelines for evaluating development research. They provide a comprehensive guide for the setting-up, adaptation and assessement of evaluation methods with respect to development research. They serve as reference for using good practices in the field of evaluation of development research.