Guidelines and forms IUC

Financial guidelines

Financial guidelines for IUC/Networks applicable as of 1 January 2017

Annual Programme (AP)

Annual Report (AR)

Annual Progress Report (APR)

Annual progress report (APR) of year 1-10 (New formats as of 2017)


Annual Progress report (APR) of Phase Out year 11-12 (New format as of 2017)

  • New formats will be made available soon


For ongoing programmes ex ante 2017: current format is maintained, in case needed, they can be found here.

Annual Financial Report (AFR)

AFR IUC/Networks NEW 5YP 2017-2021


AFR CUI DRC/Brundi (update 2017 - new phase)


AFR IUC/Networks started before 2017


AFR IUC Phase Out


Manual with attention points before sending an annual financial report (AFR)

Mobility and scholarships