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Connect session with ARU

VLIR-UOS invites you to become acquainted with the five new IUC projects that will kick off in 2022 in DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam.

Through an online connect session (Zoom), interested academic, public, private and civil society actors in Belgium and the partner country had the opportunity to meet the project team leaders, learn more about the project objectives and exchange.

In Tanzania the Ardhi University (ARU with coordinator UHasselt) will focus on "Building Capacity in Education, Research, Innovation and Societal Outreach to Foster an Inclusive and Sustainable Built Environment in a Rapidly Urbanizing City, Dar Es Salaam".

The connect session with ARU and UHasselt took place on Friday 1 October from 10 till 12 am (CET). 

All information on the session can be found hereunder. 

For more detailed information, please check the ARU project file

1_Connect session IUC ARU intro

2_Presentation Partnership IUC ARU

3_Presentation Sub-project 1 IUC ARU

4_Presentation Sub-project 2 IUC ARU

5_Presentation Sub-project 3 IUC ARU

6_Presentation Sub-project 4 IUC ARU

7_Presentation Sub-project 5 IUC ARU

8_Presentation Sub-project 6 IUC ARU

9_Presentation Sub-project 7 IUC ARU

10_Connect session IUC ARU Connect4IUC