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TEAM projects

A cooperation between a university department in Flanders and the South

Open call

Every year

Target group

Departments of a Flemish university and a university in one of the partner countries


A maximum of 4 years


Max EUR 280 000 per project

Need more information?

Contact the ICOS at the Flemish institution of your choice.

What is a TEAM?

A TEAM is a four-year departmental level cooperation project focusing on specific development themes. This kind of project aims at strengthening the research and/or educational capacity in a specific thematic domain and usually focuses on one department in one (sometimes more than one) partner institution(s) in the South. Teams in both the North as well as in the South collaborate in a unique partnership addressing region-related challenges and offer local solutions in the concerned region/country, which are provided by assuring the right conditions for the uptake of new knowledge, applications or services.

A TEAM project very often builds upon earlier exploration or contacts through our organisation (South Initiatives (SI), a scholar who returns to his or her home institution .....) or other cooperations and deepens  the academic/scientific collaboration.

What is the goal?

TEAM projects potentially aim at:

  1. improving research and/or,
  2. improving educational practices in a partner institution(s) in the South and/or,
  3. generating and exchanging (guaranteeing the uptake of) knowledge through research,

in order to contribute to the fight against poverty in the concerned region/country and in the end, to generate development change (impact) (mostly after the intervention).

How does it work?

TEAM projects emerge from a local development problem/need, which is addressed by one or more academics from a developing country that collaborate with one or more Flemish academics by taking part in a common initiative. These projects align with the priorities of the local partner institute(s) at the policy level where the project was constituted (department or faculty).

What is the application procedure?

Every year, we launch a call for TEAM projects proposals, which are assessed by an independent commission of experts based on six criteria: scientific quality, relevance, impact, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.

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