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IUC 2013 Phase 1 NM-AIST


The envisaged research programme will work in the area of livelihood improvement through interventions in soil, water and sanitation. One component in the programme aims at strengthening the NM-AIST Library by improving access to literature, scientific databases, online resources and support to publishing and exposure. In a first research project optimisation of soil management and selection of banana and bean varieties are assessed in order to improve agricultural productivity. Moreover, it is assessed how plant nutrients can be recycled into agricultural systems from waste water through water purification techniques. The second project aims at a better understanding of the fundamental  ecological and hydrological processes in order to share the scarce surface water between humans and nature and to come to a more sustainable integrated water management. A third institutional support project will contribute to the further development of the library and information technology for research and teaching and a better management of knowledge and information transfer, with as a key component its concrete application for and with local communities.

Intervention type

Institutional University Cooperation


01/04/2013 - 31/03/2019

This project is being implemented in:
Local coordinator Karoli Nicholas Njau
Flemish coordinator Luc Brendonck
Programme manager Joyce Rugakingila
Flemish institution KU Leuven
Local partner institution Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology
Other Flemish Partners KU Leuven
Universiteit Antwerpen
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Budget € 1.500.000