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Transmission dynamics of Old World arenaviruses in natural populations of their reservoir host


Rodents are a major reservoir of human zoonotic (animal origin) diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa. To understand and control the spread of these diseases, it is essential to know how parasite transmission relates to rodent density. The aim of this project is to test candidate mechanisms that allow an infection to persist in fluctuating rodent populations. This information will help to develop strategies for the management of rodent borne infections.

Intervention type

VLADOC PhD Scholarships


01/10/2015 - 30/09/2018

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish supervisor Herwig Leirs
Local supervisor Apia Massawe
Local partner institution Universiteit Antwerpen
Local partner institution Sokoine University of Agriculture
Budget € 133.370
Scholar Joachim Mariën