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An innovative solution to protect Vietnamese coastal riverbanks from floods and erosion


Due to climate change, the Vietnamese sea level continuously rises. This leads to extremely unstable maritime coasts, as well as, coastal riverbanks. Preliminary studies have shown that a solution could lie in using ‘carpet structures’ that compose of interlocking blocks of concrete. Vietnam has strategies and specific projects to adapt into the scenario of global climate change affecting it. These strategies suggest the construction of structures on slopes called revetment slope (RS), which can be used to protect Vietnamese coasts against floods and erosion. This project will investigate the use of advanced numerical techniques to evaluate and predict the bearing capacity of these structures. We shall re-analyse all kind of existing RS structures by using advanced computational techniques including both novel computer simulations and up-to-date software’s. Furthermore, we shall prove major advantages of using these methods and propose re-design solutions of such structures with low costs.

Intervention type

TEAM projects


01/01/2017 - 31/12/2021

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish promoter Magd Abdel Wahab
Local promoter Xuan Hung Nguyen
Local partner institution Universiteit Gent
visit www.ugent.be
Local partner institution Ho Chi Minh University of Technology
visit http://www.hutech.edu.vn
Other local partners Danang University of Technology
Ho Chi Minh University of Architecture
Budget € 299.996