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Landscape urbanism strategies for the Zambeze River Basin, Mozambique


This project contributes to an integrated, sustainable development of Mozambique’s most precious river basin: the Zambeze. This project proposes to practice Landscape Urbanism (LU) as a method of “Learning by doing (together)” to develop urbanism educational skills and to build a structural base of knowledge within one of the most important and upcoming universities in the region of the Zambeze, conveniently named University Zambeze (UniZambeze) in Beira. Landscape Urbanism practices planning and urban/ rural interventions starting from the landscape and thus with nature as the driver of change. It is therefore ideal to fit rural development sustainably into current and future challenges as climate change, water management, natural resources etcetera. Landscape Urbanism develops strategies to guide concrete and tangible interventions on the local scale, primarily assisting the local communities that most need support, and is able to systematize these interventions in workable visions on the large scale that could inform more embedded planning decisions on the regional and national scale.

Intervention type

South Initiatives


01/01/2017 - 31/12/2018

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish promoter Bruno De Meulder
Local promoter Alexandre Baia
Local partner institution KU Leuven
Local partner institution Universidade Zambeze
Other local partners Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Budget € 74.922