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COFOREC Consolidating a long-term forest monitoring network in a human modified landscape in Northern Ecuador.


The main goal of the proposed project is to consolidate a forest plot network as sites for long-term ecological research to investigate diversity and ecosystem functioning in natural and reforested areas along a large environmental gradient in a highly diverse strongly anthropogenic tropical landscape. The main research objectives include evaluating the capacity of reforested areas to recover diversity and ecosystem functioning through reforestation in comparison with natural forests, and how human pressures affect natural forests and reforested areas. Moreover, the sites will be used to develop interdisciplinary research of Ecuadorian and Belgian scientists, and to train undergraduate, MSc and PhD students. The project will enhance the scientific capacity on the areas of biodiversity and ecosystem modelling of one of the most important universities of Ecuador; and will produce web based tools useful for forest conservation and reforestation practitioners, which can contribute to enhance the socio-economic situation of local landowners.

Intervention type

South Initiatives


01/01/2018 - 31/12/2019

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish promoter Hans Verbeeck
Local promoter Selene Baez
Local partner institution Universiteit Gent
Local partner institution Escuela Politécnica Nacional
Budget € 69.542