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BeFinD: Financing for development (2017-2018)


The BeFinD is a consortium of four research centers at Belgian universities (at the Université de Namur, KU Leuven, and Universiteit Antwerpen) which combine their research experience in the field of financing and development policy in order to provide theoretically sound, empirically grounded, and practically feasible policy support to Belgian Development Cooperation regarding financing for development;

BeFinD (2017-2018) research is structured around two main topics and 5 work packages:

  • 1: Domestic resource mobilization
    • WP 1: Towards effective intervention models for supporting local taxation programs in weak institutional contexts;
    • WP 2: Contributory social protection schemes for informal workers as alternative mechanisms of domestic resource mobilization;
  • 2: Implications of the private sector through innovative financing and private sector development
    • A: Innovative Financing
      • WP 3: Development Impact Bonds
      • WP 4: Blending
    • B: Private Sector Financing
      • WP 5: A randomized evaluation on a Belgian development program: the case of BTC agricultural support in Benin.


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Intervention type

Policy Supporting Research (2014-2018, ACROPOLIS)


01/05/2017 - 31/10/2018

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish promoter Romain Houssa
Local partner institution Université de Namur, ASBL
Other Flemish Partners KU Leuven
Universiteit Antwerpen
Budget € 228.482