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Audio-visual Learning Materials - Management, Production and Activities (AVLM)


The AudioVisual Learning Materials (AVLM) training course comprises an intensive eight week program that enhances the skills and competences of educational support staff of universities in the South in the field of new educational technologies and the production and integration of interactive learning materials. The goal of the training is to have competent staff members in key places in those universities with a clear vision on policy development, the competences to manage and create interactive learning materials and the ability to organize and develop new learning activities by skillfully using the appropriate technological tools.

The training consists of lectures, workshops, seminars, hands-on sessions, individual project work, group discussions, reflection moments and presentations. Given the variety in the participants’ profiles and their unfamiliarity with many aspects of multimedia production in an educational context, AVLM kicks off with a three week introductory hands-on course to give every participant the much needed basic knowledge and competences on each theme. In the first three weeks participants are introduced to the production process of interactive learning materials, the different concepts and models of multimedia learning activities and the managerial aspects of multimedia integration in education in an institutional context. Their mid-term assignment is a test of their acquired skills and competences in all of these fields. After the introductory weeks the trainees will have to prepare an individual project proposal on one of the following topics: the production of an interactive learning path with audiovisual elements that is immediately useful in their institution, or a conceptual design of a multimedia learning environment or digital learning activity.

In the five subsequent weeks, participants will work on their individual project while enhancing their skills in more advanced workshops. At the end of their training they will present their work (the implementation process and the final product) to their colleagues and a panel of experts. The full evaluation consists of their individual project, mid-term assignment, workshop projects and critical reflection on the subject matter of the course in an online report.

Intervention type

International Training Programme


05/02/2018 - 30/03/2018

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish promoter Wim Van Petegem
Local partner institution KU Leuven
Budget € 34.344