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Empowering Vulnerable Children and Young People ( from an interdisciplinary perspective) (EVCYP )


For a few years now , the UCLL bachelor program Child and Youth Studies has a strong collaboration with some universities and ngo's in South-Africa, Uganda, Peru and Ecuador. During one of the recent meetings , the idea came up to organise a short and intensive training program on the domain of children and young people, more specific the target group of vulnerable children and young people. Vulnerability has mostly to do with economic reasons, living conditions, drugs, child protection etc.

Most of these factors, we cannot influence. on the other hand , we can influence insights and skills in dealing with emotional, mental health, cognitive ( or developmental )  and behavior problems . 

Thus, for this training we target the group of children with emotional, mental health, cognitive and behavior problems.

The promotor of the project published several articles and was also a co-author of a book on the CARE-methodology. Next to this methodology, we gained in UCLL  a lot of knowhow in the area of early childhood education, infant mental health, adoption, child protection, ...  During all the years , we were able to develop a specific expertise on these  domains,  which we would like share with our colleagues.

Children and young people are embbeded in a circle of environmental factors involving family, peer, school, neighbourhood, social and cultural influences. For the first time , we analyse these problems from an interdiciplinary perpective and create an approach together. It will be for all of us a quite new learning experience . 


Intervention type

International Training Programme


15/02/2021 - 26/02/2021

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish promoter Maurits Wysmans
Local partner institution UC Leuven
visit https://www.ucll.be/
Budget € 11.016