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Travel grants

Students from the European Economic Area (EEA) who are enrolled at a Flemish university or university college can apply for a travel grant. This grant provides limited financial support for an internship or a research stay in one of the 31 scholarship countries and Suriname. The Flemish universities and university colleges are responsible for the selection and management of these grants.

Open call

Requests available all year

Target group

EEA/Flemish students at a Flemish university, university college or CVO, in partnership with a Flemish university college


At least 28 consecutive days


Max EUR 1 000

Need more information?

Contact the ICOS at the Flemish institution of your choice.

What are travel grants?

A travel grant provides limited financial support for a study stay or reseach in one of our 31 scholarship countries or Suriname. The stay is recognised as a study component and therefore awarded with study credits (e.g. as a work placement /internship or a thesis). The study stay:

  • takes place in one of the 31 scholarship countries or Suriname
  • takes place within a local organisation (e.g. a university, university college, hospital, local government, NGO, local enterprise with social purpose, association, …)
  • lasts at least 28 days
  • is supervised by a supervisor at the Flemish institution and one in the destination country
  • allows for the realisation of study goals, personal development and the acquisition of global citizenship skills but equally important is that the receiving organisation clearly benefits from the student's work

Who can receive a travel grant?

Any student within the European Economic Area (EEA) enrolled in a Flemish university, university college or CVO in partnership with a Flemish university college studying with a diploma contract, can apply for a travel grant.

What is the application procedure?

  1. Check the general criteria and guidelines for a travel grant.

  2. Check the details about the application procedure and selection criteria applicable for your university or university college.

  3. Find a local organisation and supervisor for your study stay and a supervisor at your own university or university college.

  4. Create your application file in our database.

    In our database, you have to fill out a form and upload a motivation letter, a letter of invitation and a recommendation letter.

  5. Submit your application file via our database.

  6. A selection committee at your university or university college will evaluate your application file and decide whether you will receive a travel grant or not.

  7. Before departure you will follow a preparatory workshop.

  8. Submit your report upon return to Belgium.


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Ellen Seys
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