Flemish open source software finds its way to libraries and museums in Cuba


ABCD sounds like an infant school lesson on the alphabet, but actually it is a library computerisation system based on free open source software. The DOCBIBLAS project promotes the application of ABCD in various VLIR-UOS partner countries. Egbert De Smet (UA) is the driving force behind DODBIBLAS. In consultation with UNESCO among other parties, he infused open source library computerisation with international dynamism.

Cuba was one of the countries where universities started to use ABCD. At least five Cuban universities now use the system. ABCD has even been adopted by provincial libraries and museums in Vila Clara province among other places. The system's wide application beyond the campus is part of the Cuban policy of bringing education closer to the people. The universities work closely with provincial authorities, cultural centres, museums and libraries. There is a great need for them to develop their own software, because the US embargo on Cuba obstructs the use of software from that country. Flemish universities make a major contribution to ICT use and management in Cuba through the various VLIR-UOS programmes.

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