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Our Financial Framework has been updated!

  As VLIR-UOS entered a new funding cycle with its donor DGD on 1 September 2022, VLIR-UOS updated its financial framework. The present version provides an updated general financial framework for VLIR-UOS-funded projects during the current Five-Year Programme 2022-2027 (FYP2). This framework w...
2023-06-28 Event

Community Talk : 28 June - (2PM - 3PM CET)

“Todos por Chaparri”: socio-environmental justice and community empowerment in the Chaparri Nature Reserve, Perú” In Peru, as well as in other Latin American countries, the challenge of balancing the goals of nature conservation with those of sustainable socio-economic development remains a to...

VLIR-UOS projects at the Belgian State Visit to South Africa (March 2023)

We were so grateful for the opportunity to have our partners showcase their projects on social entrepreneurship during the Belgian State Visit to South Africa in March 2023.In the presence of H.M. the Queen, four researchers from our VLIR-UOS community presented their research during the seminar ...

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