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Internship - Integration Maverick

Internship with VLIR-UOS & InfoSupport - Integration Maverick

We are looking for an intern to help develop innovative tools that integrate seamlessly with external apps.

To identify the best projects, manage them, and evaluate their results, VLIR-UOS has created an innovative tool together with Info Support. As we want to take this tool to the next level, the goal is to achieve a flawless user experience and an efficient workflow by integrating external tools and applications with the central software.

The assignment

And this is where you as an intern can make a difference! During this assignment, step into a world where technology, education, and sustainable development come together. This internship assignment includes:

  • Analyzing integration opportunities, focusing on Microsoft applications and other innovative tools.
  • Exploring opportunities to achieve cost-effective integrations on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Designing and, if possible, developing and launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that highlights the power of integration.
  • Qualitatively integrating the solution into the build & release pipelines on Microsoft Azure DevOps.

During this process, you'll continue to dig deeper and constantly look for ways to improve the user experience of the VLIR-UOS tool.

You will collaborate with the dedicated and enthusiastic VLIR-UOS team. Your perspective and expertise will be invaluable, whether you work independently or are part of a dynamic team.


More information and application conditions can be found on the InfoSupport website.