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Internship - AI for Financial Control

Internship with VLIR-UOS & InfoSupport -  AI for Financial Control

In collaboration with InfoSupport, we are looking to enhance financial audits with advanced AI technology. This internship assignment offers you the chance to deep dive into historical financial data, develop algorithms, and integrate them into Microsoft Azure tools.

Using AI, you help shape the future of VLIR-UOS' financial control. Every year, our projects undergo a thorough financial analysis. This internship helps to enrich these financial audits with the power and capabilities of AI.

The assignment

You will start this project by analysing historical data and exploring structures, correlations, and patterns in financial data. You have the freedom to choose your preferred software. When developing an algorithm, you make sure the AI adheres to established business rules. Constant validation and fine-tuning of your model is essential to ensure both precision and reliability. You then integrate the model within existing tooling on Microsoft Azure.

Deep dive into the data find the perfect algorithm for optimal and accurate verification, and explore the opportunities AI can bring to many other processes, such as travel pass validation.


More information & application conditions can be found on the InfoSupport website.