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Community Talks

Community Talks is a monthly webinar where experts from Flanders and abroad can meet and share their knowledge & academic research.

With this platform, we aim to build sustainable research connections and increase local (societal) impact through knowledge sharing on a global scale.


Human modified landscapes in Northern Ecuador

26 August 2021, 4 PM (CET)

COFOREC made operational a forest plot network for long-term ecological research on biodiversity and eco-system functioning in natural and reforested areas along a large environmental gradient in a highly diverse, strongly anthropogenic tropical landscape (Andean-Chocó). With COFOREC II we aim at 1) improving data quantity and quality (taxonomy, functional traits, biomass estimates) of our permanent plots, 2) enhancing the research skills of young local ecologists. 

Hans Verbeeck - UGent

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Citizen Science for Disaster Risk Management

Natural hazards have serious impacts on societies, especially in the Global South. With climate change, the frequency and impacts of these extremes events are expected to further increase.

Citizen science offers a great opportunity to address this challenge of data collection. In 2017, we started to train and equip geo-observers in the Rwenzori region in Uganda. These geo-observers are part of the local communities and are best informed about events affecting their environment. 

This approach has recently been transferred to address natural hazards in Vietnam. We have received an enthusiastic support from province and district authorities; our project also has benefited from additional support of the Belgian embassy in Vietnam to extend our approach to provinces recently affected by large typhoons.

Matthieu Kervyn, John Sekajugo, Nguyen Quoc Dinh

Human Genetics in DR Congo

The burden of genetic disorders in Low and Middle income countries such as the DR Congo is  high. To address the lack of expertise in genetics in this country, the Center for Human Genetics in Leuven joined forces with enthusiastic colleagues from the University of Kinshasa to create a local Center for Human Genetics. To gain expertise, research projects were initiated, focusing on genetic disorders of interest to the local population. The center is now one of the leading research centers in the field of medical genetics in Central Africa.  

With Koen Devriendt, Prosper Lukusa, Aimé Lumaka, Tite Mikobi, Mamy Ngole, Gloire Mbayabo, Paul Lumbula, Gerrye Mubungu, Prince Makay and many others.

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Change towards an e-portfolio is not easy, it is a long learning process. But progress is even more satisfying when working on it together.

Olive Tengera, University of Rwanda

Finally we took the time and energy to bring all information together and present to a broader public

Leo Van Audenhove (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

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