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Community Talks

Community Talks is a monthly webinar where experts from Flanders and abroad can meet and share their knowledge & academic research.

With this platform, we aim to build sustainable research connections and increase local (societal) impact through knowledge sharing on a global scale.


Enhancing the social value of the circular economy in the Global South

26 Januari 2022

Circular economy models aim at tackling the challenges of finite resources and infinite pollution that result from the currently dominant linear models. In the Global South millions of the poorest people survive as informal waste recyclers, working in unhealthy and precarious conditions. Although they deliver already an important service by reducing the amount of waste, there is few attention for the social implications of the circular economy, which is mainly focused on economic and ecological value with technological solutions. In this action research project we work closely together with associations of informal recyclers in Ecuador to increase the potential value of the circular economy for them. Methodology development (e.g. social life cycle analysis), international networking (with Zero Waste and informal recyclers organisations) and policy recommendations (for a new Ecuadorian Law on Inclusive Circular Economy) have generated impacts that go far beyond the local cases.


  • Fernanda Soliz, local promoter, Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar (Quito)
  • Paul Vanegas, local co-promoter, Universidad de Cuenca
  • Dolores Sucozhañay, local co-promoter, Universidad de Cuenca
  • Marc Craps, Flemish promoter, KU Leuven
  • Simon De Jaeger, Flemish co-promoter, KU Leuven

26th of January 2022, 4 - 5 p.m. (CET)

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Supporting Community Health Workers in South Africa

Community healthcare workers (CHWs) play an important role in health care in South Africa. In recent years, they have emerged as an essential team member in the work field to bridge the gap in the health workforce. 

Although their role is recognized, CHWs still face specific challenges at the workplace. Several reports show the need for training, support and supervision of CHWs. 

This project focuses on the particular needs of these local volunteers to promote healthcare in South Africa.
It aims to:
- Support CHWs through interprofessional learning with undergraduate students
- Support CHWs to collaborate in an interprofessional team at the workplace.

Fighting foot and mouth disease in the Greater Horn of Africa.

Livestock production in the greater Horn of Africa contributes to a considerable percentage of the National GDPs. However, livestock production in this region faces a great number of challenges during production, key amongst which is the occurrence of viral livestock disease, with Foot-and-Mouth disease (FMD) topping this list. According to FAO, FMD is one of the most important livestock diseases posing a great economic threat as a result of direct and indirect economic losses. The KEET-FMD project aims at:

  1. Improving insight into regional FMD viral epidemiology
  2. Understanding further the mismatch between the vaccine and field strains within this region
  3. Improve on constraints in reagent supply by ensuring self-sufficiency
  4. Training and education of stakeholders for the consolidated efforts in tackling FMD

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Change towards an e-portfolio is not easy, it is a long learning process. But progress is even more satisfying when working on it together.

Olive Tengera, University of Rwanda

Finally we took the time and energy to bring all information together and present to a broader public

Leo Van Audenhove (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

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