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Ambition of VLIR-UOS to be ‘SDG proof’ in the nearby future

In consultation with the Flemish higher education institutions, we are developing a new five-year programme (FYP2) for 2022-2026. The starting point for this exercise is to review the VLIR-UOS vision for university cooperation for development as well as the associated Theory of Change (ToC). The next step will be to align the various elements of FYP2 (country list, country framework, intervention portfolio, budget framework,…) with the revised VLIR-UOS vision and ToC.

Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an important reference point for sustainable development policies at international, national and institutional level. We decided to integrate the underlying principles of Agenda 2030 in our FYP2. 

Instead of addressing the SDGs in a superficial and ad hoc manner, the desired strategy for VLIR-UOS is to meaningfully mainstream the SDG principles throughout its goals, policies and interventions. In sum, our aim is to render FYP2 “SDG proof”.

To achieve this, VLIR-UOS is organising a series of theme based group discussions with representatives and experts mandated by the Flemish higher education institutions. The main purpose of the online discussion groups is to gather substantive input that will feed directly into the step-by-step development of FYP2. We had planned to ask for input from our large community in a one day workshop on 14 May 2020 on the basis of progress made so far but due to the Corona crisis, we had to cancel this meeting. We hope to be able to still get input in some other way before finalizing our new conceptual and operational framework.