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Only open to the 15 existing ICP projects

ICP Connect 2022 – Stage 2 Fully Fledged Proposals




5 activity years



Only open to the 15 existing ICP projects

ICP Connect study programmes are accredited international study programmes organised at one or more Flemish universities. The programmes focus on subjects aligned with the Agenda 2030 and SDG principles.

Why are ICP Connect projects important?

ICP Connect projects aim to more systematically integrate global perspectives and strengthen global south and network dimensions into existing master's programmes. This implies a strategy that aims to spur the internationalization and networking of the programme. HEIs aim to systematically integrate global perspectives Through educational networks and scholarships hereby creating a supportive, inclusive and networked learning environment in which individual scholarship students, professionals and academics acquire transversal competencies and state-of-the-art knowledge on sustainable development enabling them to become experts and critical global citizens motivated to act as change agents in their network.

Who can apply?

Only the 15 existing, accredited English master programmes of 60, 90 or 120 credits, organised at a Flemish university, that received incremental funding between 2017-2021 and received a fit for purpose assessment during Stage 1.

Two stage procedure

The ICP Connect Call 2022 consists of 2 procedural stages leading to the start of ICP Connect projects on 1/9/2022 as part of the Five-Year-Programme 2022-2027 (FYP2). The present call for assessment is the second stage in the ICP Connect intake process. In this stage, proposals will be assessed against the four new VLIR-UOS criteria, aligned with the ICP Connect conceptual framework.

How to submit a proposal?


The Flemish promoter of the proposed ICP Connect project submits the application to the ICOS of the Flemish university (association) for quality control. The ICOS will validate and submit to VLIR-UOS. 


Project applications are submitted online. 

*Please note that, although you will be granted access to the VLIR-UOS online tool, the format for filling out a project proposal will not be made available until February 2022. In the meantime, you can use the Word and Excel formats which will be made available from early December. 





Short intro to our new selection criteria

Formats and guidelines