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More ideas for project proposals

33. - Children's rights: Research on non-violent parenting practices and the impact of violence, neglect and abuse on children’ development - together with Plan International

34. - Climate change: An assessment of the impact of the economic empowerment of households on climate resilience - together with Trias Uganda

35. - Education: Evaluation of gender-transformative learning outcomes - together with Plan International

36. - Education: Longitudinal follow-up of student teachers in agricultural education - together with VVOB

37. - Education: Strengthen measurement tools and techniques to monitor and evaluate gender-transformative learning outcomes - together with Plan International

38. - Education: Development of ethical tools, age and gender-appropriate, to measure the prevalence of school-related gender-based violence. Identifying promising practices and strategies to prevent this and assess the impact of these strategies. Geographic focus Senegal, Niger, Benin, Tanzania - together with Plan International

39. - Entrepreneurship and youth employment: Identification of the barriers young women face in accessing decent employment and entrepreneurship. What are the key drivers to promote an enabling environment? Geographic focus Bolivia, Ecuador, Senegal, Benin, Niger, Tanzania, Vietnam - together with Plan International

40. - Entrepreneurship and youth employment: Successful (replicable) green and/or agricultural businesses for youth - together with Trias Uganda

41. - Human rights: Work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission - together with ASF

42. - Human rights: Research on women's rights in the succession process and possible avenues for reform - together with ASF

43. - Resilient Ecosystems: How do we establish sustainable mechanisms to support long-term protection and conservation of freshwater resources, with explicit consideration for people and the environment (e.g. payment for ecosystem services, policy development, compensation mechanisms, innovative techniques)? - together with Join for Water

44. - Resilient Ecosystems: Research on how feasible is ecological mangrove restoration in Benin and which mechanisms work best to engage communities? - together with Join for Water

45. - Resilient Ecosystems: Integrating biodiversity governance, conservation, sustainable use and management of biodiversity into environmental research projects - together with Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences- CEBioS programme

46. - Resilient Ecosystems systems: Impacts of NRM practices on ecosystem health (biodiversity, soil life, carbon sequestration) in Uganda; Nutritive value of pasture species in Karamoja in Uganda - together with VSF

47. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Co-creating sustainable livelihood in rural communties; promoting an alternative development paradigm and lifestyle - together with Caritas

48. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on social and technological innovations related to emancipatory and sustainable agriculture and value chains - together with Caritas

49. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Irrigation systems for smallholder rice farmers & other innovation opportunities to enable the transition to regenerative organic rice farming - together with Durabilis

50. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Microbiology, biochar production, soil health, compost production and other innovation opportunities to enable the transition to regenerative organic farming with fruit and vegetable smallholder farmers - together with Durabilis

51. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Carbon farming and GHG reduction opportunities in agriculture with smallholder farmers - together with Durabilis

52. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on trends and impacts of chemicals/toxic products and their use in Uganda - together with Iles de Paix

53. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Agricultural innovation, training for municipal officials on food, nutrition, climate, gender - together with Rikolto

54. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food systems: Characterisation of the traceability of agro-ecological production for public policy advocacy in small and intermediate cities in Ecuador and Peru - together with Rikolto

55. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on Highly Hazardous Pesticides in East-African food systems - together with Rikolto

56. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on sustainable agriculture and agro-ecology - together with SOS Faim

57. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on impact and risks of pesticide use - together with SOS Faim

58. - Sustainable cities: Impact of social action policies at the municipal level (methodological tools to carry out social diagnoses/maps) - together with Brulocalis

59. - Sustainable cities: Inter-university cooperation in support of the establishment of new social professions in Benin, including street social work - together with Dynamo International

60. - Sustainable cities: Modelling of balanced partnership dynamics between actors of international solidarity (enhance social cohesion) - together with Echos

61. - Sustainable cities: Involvement of diasporas in decentralized cooperation in Belgium and in Morocco - together with Echos

62. - Sustainable cities: Contribution of civil society organizations in fragile states to empowering youth in becoming active citizens and drivers of social change - together with KIYO

63. - Sustainable jobs: Youth Economic Empowerment activities focusing on green jobs (understand market dynamics, stakeholders and resilience-oriented professional curricula) - together with Plan International

64. - Waste management: Research on necessary conditions for and added value of inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) on waste - together with VVSG - SALGA

65. - Women's/Girl's rights: Engaging religious and traditional leaders to promote girls’ rights - together with Plan International

66. - Women's/Girl's rights: How can individuel empowerment (through Women Football) create a spillover in the community, affecting girls not playing, but benefitting from increased social status? Geographic focus Senegal, Benin - together with Plan International

67. - Women's/ Girl's rights: Intergenerational dialogues to promote youth engagement in their communities - together with Plan International

68. - Enhancing local production of medical products (pharmaceutical, vaccine and medical supplies and equipment) - request from the Ethiopian Ministry of Health

69. - Emergency preparedness of health systems - strenghtening of Primary health care to respond to the future emergencies while providing essential health care - request from the Ethiopian Ministry of Health