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More ideas for project proposals

31. - Children's rights: Research on non-violent parenting practices and the impact of violence, neglect and abuse on children’ development - together with Plan International
32. - Climate change: An assessment of the impact of the economic empowerment of households on climate resilience - together with Trias Uganda
33. - Education: Evaluation of gender-transformative learning outcomes - together with Plan International
34. - Education: Longitudinal follow-up of student teachers in agricultural education - together with VVOB
35. - Education: Research on school-related gender-based Violence (SRGBV) (qualitative or quantitative impact evaluations) - together with Plan International
36. - Entrepreneurship and youth employment: Successful (replicable) green and/or agricultural businesses for youth - together with Trias Uganda
37. - Human rights: Research on access to legal remedies - together with ASF
38. - Human rights: Research on women's rights in the succession process - together with ASF
39. - Resilient Ecosystems: Research questions related to the use of invasive aquatic plant species for the production of eco-charcoal at household/community level - together with Join for Water
40. - Resilient Ecosystems: Integrating biodiversity governance, conservation, sustainable use and management of biodiversity into environmental research projects - together with Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences- CEBioS programme
41. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on social and technological innovations related to emancipatory and sustainable agriculture and value chains - together with Caritas
42. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on organic and regenerative farming - together with Durabilis
43. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on trends and impacts of chemicals/toxic products and their use in Uganda - together with Iles de Paix
44. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Agricultural innovation, training for municipal officials on food, nutrition, climate, gender - together with Rikolto
45. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on Highly Hazardous Pesticides in East-African food systems - together with Rikolto
46. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on sustainable agriculture and agro-ecology - together with SOS Faim
47. - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems: Research on impact and risks of pesticide use - together with SOS Faim
48. - Sustainable cities: Impact of social action policies at the municipal level (methodological tools to carry out social diagnoses/maps) - together with Brulocalis
49. - Sustainable cities: Inter-university cooperation in support of the establishment of new social professions in Benin, including street social work - together with Dynamo International
50. - Sustainable cities: Modelling of balanced partnership dynamics between actors of international solidarity (enhance social cohesion) - together with Echos
51. - Sustainable cities: Involvement of diasporas in decentralized cooperation in Belgium and in Morocco - together with Echos
52. - Sustainable cities: Contribution of civil society organizations in fragile states to empowering youth in becoming active citizens and drivers of social change - together with KIYO
53. - Sustainable cities: Intergenerational dialogues to promote youth engagement in their communities - together with Plan International
54. - Sustainable jobs: Youth Economic Empowerment activities focusing on green jobs (understand market dynamics, stakeholders and resilience-oriented professional curricula) - together with Plan International
55. - Waste management: Research on necessary conditions for and added value of inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) on waste - together with VVSG - SALGA
56. - Women's/Girl's rights: Engaging religious and traditional leaders to promote girls’ rights - together with Plan International