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Belgian non-governmental actors - Contact Information

Organisation Contact Person Email
APEFE Olivier Jadin o.jadin@apefe.org
ASF Romain Ravet rravet@asf.be
Broederlijk Delen Bram Jacobs bram.jacobs@broederlijkdelen.be
Jur Schuurman jur.schuurman@broederlijkdelen.be
Brulocalis Charlotte Mali charlotte.mali@brulocalis.brussels
Jean-Michel Reniers jean-michel.reniers@brulocalis.brussels
Caritas Mark Breusers m.breusers@caritasint.be
Durabilis Annelien Gansemans annelien@durabilis.eu
Dynamo International Barbara Smet dir.adj@dynamointernational.org
Echos Alexandre Delvaux alexandre.delvaux@echoscommunication.org
Humanity & Inclusion Gisèle Bankundiye g.bankundiye@hi.org
Iles de Paix Lieven Peeters lieven.peeters@ug.ilesdepaix.org
ITM Johan van Griensven jvangriensven@itg.be
Join for Water Kim Vercruysse kim.vercruysse@joinforwater.ngo
KIYO Pieter Thys pieter.thys@kiyo-ngo.be
Plan International Ineke Adriaens ineke.adriaens@planinternational.be
Rikolto Nataly Pinto nataly.pinto@rikolto.org
Rikolto East-Africa David Leyssens david.leyssens@rikolto.org
Kain Mvanda kain.mvanda@rikolto.org
RKV (Belgian Red Cross Flanders) Sigrid Delepeleire sigrid.delepeleire@rodekruis.be
Royal belgian Institute for Natural Sciences- CEBioS programme Luc Janssens de Bisthoven ljanssens@naturalsciences.be
Royal Museum for Central Africa Caroline Michellier caroline.michellier@africamuseum.be
SOS Faim Nicolas Delille nde@sosfaim.ong
Yannick Frippiat yfr@sosfaim.ong
Trias Fabien Ongono fabien.ongono@trias.ngo
Trias Uganda Ritha Tarimo ritha.tarimo@trias.ngo
Peter Van Erum peter.van.erum@trias.ngo
VIA Don Bosco Colette Schaumont colette.schaumont@viandonbosco.org
Vietnam Museum of Nature Nguyen Trung Minh nttminh@vnmn.vast.vn
VSF Belgium Emaruk Emmanuel e.emaruk@vsf-belgium.org
VVOB Arne Willems arne.willems@vvob.org
VVSG Karlien Gorissen karlien.gorissen@vvsg.be
VVSG - SALGA Hanne Albers hanne.albers@vvsg.be
WWF To be updated To be updated