Forty Cameroon rectors and vice-rectors visiting Belgium


On the initiative of the Embassy of Cameroon a delegation of forty rectors, vice-rectors, directors and professors from Cameroon are visiting Belgium from 21 to 25 April 2014. They represent eleven Cameroonian universities. On April 23 they met representatives of higher education and research institutions in Flanders.


Ontmoeting Rectoren Kameroen En Vlaamse Academici 230414 2The Cameroonian rectors and vice-rectors are interested in higher education and research at Flemish and French-speaking universities and university colleges, and specifically in cooperation and funding opportunities. According to the delegation leader and rector of the University of Dschang, professor Anaclet Fomethe, this event is unique in its kind: "It is the first time that such a large group of rectors from Cameroon is visiting a foreign country."


One of the topics of discussion is the high number of false diplomas of Cameroonians who want to inscribe at Belgian universities. The rectors made arrangements with the Belgian universities and university colleges to tackle this problem.


Kameroen1On April 23, the delegation members met representatives of the Flemish higher education and research institutions, organized by Flanders Knowledge Area and VLIR-UOS. In the morning session in Brussels there were presentations on research and education in Flanders and a matchmaking between Flemish and Cameroonian academics. In the afternoon a part of the delegation visited the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp and another group the University of Ghent.


Cameroon is not a partner country of VLIR-UOS, but is part of the scholarship country list. Between 2009 and 2013 fifteen Cameroonians received a scholarship from VLIR-UOS for a training, Master or PhD at a Flemish university or university college.


(24 April 2014)



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