Pecha Kucha: the essence in 6 minutes 40 seconds


Do your toes curl at the thought of sitting through endless presentations in which the key message is drowned in a flood of unreadable figures? We went looking for a methodology that guaranteed short inspiring presentations that convey a clear message. Pecha Kucha was where we found it. The formula: 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds, producing a presentation lasting a total of 6 minutes 40 seconds. The strict rules force speakers to be creative and develop a clear narrative, which demands a lot of practice.


Pecha KuchaAt the 2011 new year event we asked five speakers to respond to the question 'Cooperation with the South: what does it do for you?' using the Pecha Kucha methodology. What we got were five inspirational interpretations and a very enthusiastic audience. The speakers were Nico Koedam (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Karen Vancampenhout (K.H.Kempen and KU Leuven), Luc Duchateau (UGent), Anne Becker (UGent) and Jan De Maeseneer (UGent). Watch the video (in Dutch). 

VLIR-UOS presented Pecha Kucha Night Brussels Vol. 18 at Beursschouwburg on 26 May 2011, together with Architempo, VUB CROSSTALKS, VAIS and VVOB. The speakers included VLIR-UOS PhD scholarship recipient Teodora Cabasan, who talked about how students themselves pass on their knowledge and experience, and professor Balu (UGent), who talked about what we can learn from Indian culture. Watch the video.

'These people who have studied and learned in Belgium went back to their countries, they use what they have learned and they are working towards their development. It is a rewarding experience that these students we once trained are now researchers and some become teachers training the other students too.' (Teodora Cabasan, PhD at KU Leuven)

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