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DR CongoVLIR-UOS cooperation in DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) is one of the key partner countries of VLIR-UOS. From 2003 to 2016 VLIR-UOS budgeted € 22.421.387 for cooperation programmes with DR Congo, including three long-term institutional university cooperation programmes (with Université Catholique de Bukavu, Université Catholique du Congo and Université de Kisangani), and three transversal projects.


DR Congo is also one of the 31 scholarship countries of VLIR-UOS. Nationals can apply for a scholarship to follow a training or Master programme at a Flemish university or university college.

Facts and figures 


Total budget DR Congo 2003-2016 (in €)



Individual scholars





Country programme for DR Congo

Since 2006 VLIR-UOS has a country programme in DR Congo. In 2012, this programme was consolidated into a VLIR-UOS country strategy for DR Congo. Its two main objectives are:


  • Connectivity, opening up towards the world;
  • Staff renewal and training of young academics.


The central themes in the country strategy for DR Congo are:


  • Natural resources (agriculture, biodiversity, climate change);
  • Health;
  • Social development (decentralisation, education, human rights);
  • Transversal themes: quality assurance, academic English and ICT.


Download the country policy document for DR Congo 'Document Stratégique RD Congo' (in French).

Seven partner universities

In the framework of the country strategy with DR Congo, 7 Congolese partner institutions have been identified:


  • Université de Kinshasa (UNIKIN)
  • Université de Kisangani (UNIKIS)
  • Université de Lubumbashi (UNILU)
  • Université Catholique du Congo (UCC)
  • Université Catholique de Bukavu (UCB)
  • Université Pédagogique Nationale (UPN)
  • Institut Supérieur de Techniques Appliquées (ISTA)

Institutional University Cooperation

Two partner universities elaborated an institutional university cooperation.


The central themes are:



Video on the launch of the inter-university cooperation with UCB


Transversal programmes

There are three transversal programmes: 'Quality Assurance in Higher Education', 'Academic English' and 'UniversiTIC'. These programmes frame within the national policy for higher education. The UniversiTIC programme, started in 2007 together with ARES, aims to make digital capacity building possible for the 7 partner universities and Université du Burundi. More information: www.universitic.net.

Background documents

  • Joint Context Analysis (JCA) of DR Congo. This document aims at an analysis of the context in DR Congo and of the opportunities to collaborate for the non-governmental actors of the Belgian Development Cooperation from 2017 until 2026. It should primarily be seen as an opportunity to identify possible ways of cooperation, complementarity and synergy.
  • Joint Strategic Framework (JSF) of DR Congo. This document presents different joint strategic goals which the non-governmental actors have put forward, based on the JCA DR Congo. Each goal is specified into different approaches, which reflects the contributions of different actors to the joint strategic goal. An elaboration on the development relevance of every goal is also included. The last chapter elaborates commitments for synergy and complementarity between Belgian actors, related to the presented goals and approaches. Special attention is given to the transversal themes gender and environment.
  • Background document DR Congo. This document gives basic information on the VLIR-UOS country strategy, the link with the Joint Strategic Framework DR Congo and information on the programmes of other Belgian non-governmental actors active in DR Congo.


Kathleen Wuytack

Programme Officer South

[t] + 32 2 289 05 55

[e] kathleen.wuytack@vliruos.be


Video 'Concours UniversiTIC 2012'


Ongoing projects

Overview of ongoing projects



    Turning natural resources into peace and prosperity: ‘This programme is highly innovative!’

    Turning natural resources into peace and prosperity: ‘This programme is highly innovative!’

    The partnership with Université Catholique de Bukavu aims to improve the well-being of the population in the South Kivu conflict zone.

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    Minister Labille presents ICT prize in DR Congo

    Minister Labille presents ICT prize in DR Congo

    During his visit, the Belgian Minister of Development Cooperation presented a prize to 13 winners of an ICT competition, as part of the university cooperation between Belgian and Congolese universities.

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    Video: The Kivu Underground

    Video: The Kivu Underground

    Opportunities and threats of artisanal mining in DR Congo. The Catholic University of Bukavu and the University of Antwerp carry out scientific research on the opportunities of mining for the Kivu region in DR Congo.

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    Strengthening higher education in DR Congo

    Strengthening higher education in DR Congo

    Flemish and Congolese partners work together to boost the quality standard of Congo’s universities in the VLIR-UOS Quality Assurance programme.

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    Evaluation intérimaire de la coopération universitaire institutionnelle en RD Congo (Juillet 2013)

    Evaluation intérimaire de la coopération universitaire institutionnelle en RD Congo (Juillet 2013)

    This evaluation is only available in French.

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    Evaluation à mi-parcours du programme UniversiTIC 2.0

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