Ongoing projects

Z-Afrika foto KristienVLIR-UOS supports short-term projects between individual professors and researchers, four-year partnerships between departments and comprehensive ten-year partnerships at institutional level. Besides, VLIR-UOS promotes the creation of national networks. Read more about the cooperation types

Overview of ongoing projects

2017-02-17 11_45_53-Overview Of Ongoing Projects - VLIR-UOSIn 2017 there were 162 starting or ongoing interventions funded by VLIR-UOS, of which 24 long term interventions and 138 short term interventions.


Take a look at the overview of ongoing projects and use the filters for country, programme and/or Flemish institution to find one or more specific projects.

Guidelines and forms for project execution

If you are looking for guidelines and forms for project reporting, communication of results, scholarship allowances or per diems, take a look at the guidelines and forms.


Every day professors, researchers, students and employees try to realise VLIR-UOS' motto 'sharing minds, changing lives'. Who are they? What do they do? And why? Read their testimonials.