Project funding

wuivende groepVLIR-UOS primarily supports partnerships between universities and university colleges. VLIR-UOS also builds bridges between higher education on the one hand and governments, NGOs and businesses in Flanders and the South on the other. That's because we cannot have an impact on society unless we cover the entire chain from knowledge to application.


Capacity building and scientific research constitute the main activity in most projects. Other activities include education renewal and improvement, policy support, service provision, organisation of trainings and conferences, university policy and management training, student exchanges, language instruction and quality care in higher education.

Overview of programmes

VLIR-UOS supports short-term projects between individual professors and teachers, 3-6-year partnerships between departments and comprehensive 6-12-year partnerships at institutional level. Recently, VLIR-UOS has also started promoting the creation of national networks. Take a look at the overview of programmes.

Calls for applications

VLIR-UOS regularly launches calls for project proposals, scholarship proposals and academic expertise. These calls may be open to all partner countries or to one specific country. Take a look at the overview of VLIR-UOS calls and external calls.

From idea to reality

Once VLIR-UOS has received the project proposals, a committee of experts makes a selection based on peer review by experts from Belgium and further afield. Both academic quality and development relevance are evaluated. Read more about the course of idea to reality of a project.