Call for Projects - TEAM, South Initiatives and JOINT 2018


The new call for projects (TEAM, South Initiatives and JOINT) 2018 has been launched.


The call




Note: French formats are not available. French text to be included in the proposal documents (only for DR Congo and Morocco).


Important documents when elaborating a project proposal (Background annexes of the call)


How to submit a proposal? (VLIR-UOS database)


The table below provides an overview of all crucial information and also of the eligible countries per intervention type (TEAM / South Initiative / JOINT):



South Initiatives: max. € 70.000 per project

TEAM: max. € 280.000 per project

JOINT: max. € 135.000 per project


South Initiatives: max. 2 years

TEAM: max. 4 years

JOINT: max. 3 years


TEAM: Flemish universities (university colleges only as co-promoter or team member)

South Initiatives and JOINT: Flemish universities and university colleges


Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, DR Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Suriname (only South Initiatives and JOINT), Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam

Launch of the call: 2 March 2017
Deadline submission project proposals at level of the Flemish universities and university colleges (ICOS of the university association): 12 May 2017
Deadline sending of proposals by ICOS of the university association to VLIR-UOS: 12 June 2017
Deadline peer review assessments (only TEAM):
22 June 2017
Submission (two-stage):

by the Flemish academic to the ICOS

by the ICOS to VLIR-UOS


Selection will occur following the selection system guidelines of VLIR-UOS. Selection of proposals will be done through regional commissions which will be qualified to evaluate proposals that will be executed in VLIR-UOS partner countries, divided into three regions:


  • Africa: DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda
  • South America: Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru and Suriname
  • Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam



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