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[CLOSED] VLIR-UOS launches two new calls: are you ready to apply?

You’ve been contemplating an idea for a South Initiative (SI), a JOINT project or an International Training Programme (ITP) for some time now? Then make sure to check out these new VLIR-UOS calls:

Call 1: South Initiatives and JOINT projects 2020

When you apply for a South Initiative (SI) or a JOINT project, you start from a certain developmental challenge that you wish to address via a collaboration between academics/lecturers of a Flemish higher education institute with colleagues linked to a department of a partner institute in the South. What does this mean in practical terms? The project aims to address that developmental problem and by doing so, tries to strengthen a specific department of the partner institute in the South. This can include a focus on research and/or educational practices and creating conditions for uptake to society.

For more concrete and detailed information on conditions and on how to apply to this call, be sure to check out our ‘open calls’ page.

Your most important information for now:

  • Budget:
    • South Initiatives: Max. € 70.000 per project
    • JOINT: Max. € 90.000 per project
  • Duration:
    • South Initiatives: Max. 2 years
    • JOINT: Exceptionally for this call, also max. 2 years
  • Who can apply?
    A proposal is submitted by academic/lecturing staff of Flemish universities and university colleges (see detailed eligibility criteria in the Call document)
  • Which countries?
    Bolivia, Cambodia, DR Congo, Ecuador, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Vietnam
  • Deadline submission project proposals (via database)
    • at the level of the Flemish universities and university colleges:14 May 2019
    • by the ICOS (our points of contact at the Flemish institutions) of the university association to VLIR-UOS: 4 June 2019 (18h Belgian time)
  • How to submit? (1) Via the Flemish promoter to the ICOS and then (2) Via the ICOS to VLIR-UOS.

Want to know more? Be sure to attend our information session on the ‘Call SI-JOINT 2020’ on 12 March 2019 in venue BIP, room ‘Zinneke’, Koningsplein 10-11 - 1000 Brussel. You can enroll here.

Call 2: International Training Programme (ITP) 2020-2021

“The international training programme exposed me to new, top-notch ideas, content and research results in the field of clinical nutrition. It allowed interaction with international specialists as well as participants from all over the world who deal with similar challenges. The whole experience, that is the intensive programme, the interaction, staying at a top university in Belgium, proved to be a real eye-opener and allowed me to share very relevant and up-to-date information with my colleagues and patients afterwards.” (Musa Kasajja, participant ITP clinical Nutrition 2017)

Do you have an idea for an international training programme (ITP)  that meets the following criteria?

  • Short or medium term
  • Intensive
  • Interactive
  • Applicable
  • Focusing on a development relevant topic

Then be sure to apply for our ITP-call. The target audience of an ITP? Participants from developing countries with applicable professional experience in the topic of the programme and who are already active in a relevant organisation or institution. The training enables participants to use and share new knowledge, skills and practices in their home organisation or institution. An ITP is organised at a university or university college in Belgium/Flanders.

VLIR-UOS also provides scholarships in order to facilitate the participation of the targeted participants.

Important information related to the call:

  • Budget: Depending on the duration of the programme (based on a bench fee of 54 EUR x number of days x number of VLIR-UOS scholars)
  • Duration: min. 14 days and max. 3 months
  • Who can apply? Professors/researchers/lecturers at a Flemish university or university college
  • Which country? Belgium
  • Deadline for application with VLIR-UOS: 14 June 2019, before 18h

Be sure to check out our ‘open call’ page for more information!