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Global Minds UGent 2017-2021


With its GM proposal, UGent especially seeks to maintain, secure, strengthen, and keep its knowledge and administrative skills for UDC sustainable. Especially there where it is used for: i) teaching and learning about development problems, ii) building up capacity on (thematic on/in), and thus helping, countries in development, iii) helping other actors in development cooperation for solving problems based on scientific evidence, and iv) informing students, staff and general public about development problems. Ultimately with this capacity develop-ment proposal, we foresee to improve our own capacity and expertise for contributing directly and indirectly to alleviate problems of/within countries in development. In our proposal we therefore focus on actions and intervention types that will contribute to

i) better education with respect to development issues, ii) strengthen our capacity for conducting research on these problems, and iii) sensitizing all stakeholders as well as the general public in the Belgian/Flemish region on those issues, and the contribution Ghent university is providing to development cooperation (DC) through education and research. Our actions are conceived in such a manner that the different target groups (students, administra-tive staff, junior and senior research, academic staff, and alumni) are continuously encouraged to learn, experi-ence and explore UDC issues so they can build up an effective and deployable (U)DC capacity. Those who seek to conduct research on development issues, will be offered opportunities to do that so, thereby directly enhancing the knowledge and capacity of the academic and administrative staff with respect to these issues. Consequently, the enhanced capacity will reflect in improved and more accurate lectures and sensitization activities within the UGent community, leading towards generally better informed students and public on development cooperation issues and global challenges. In other words, through our actions we continuously improve and enhance knowledge that is passed to the next generation of academics who will continue to contribute to UDC solutions. Ghent University, therefore intents to employ the Global Minds programme in order to strengthen the already existing and the potential though unused capacity; with respect to UDC; so that UGent can maintain and further build up comparative advantage in development cooperation fields.

To achieve the above, UGent edited its GM proposal around 5 main types of intervention, most of whom we foresee will have an impact in several of the further described key results areas. As a result, our proposal will lead exactly to what we intend it for and see as the main strength of the Global Minds programme: enhancing and enabling capacity, synergy and complementarity. We have opted for a bottom-up approach, and will therefore work via a number of open calls, through which UGent seeks to activate the capacity and expertise available within the different departments of the UGent com-munity, both at faculty level as at central level. By working through open calls in the for various project structures with all different focal points with respect to themes and impact the UGent Global Mind structure ensures the bottom up approach which will induce internal sensitization, institutional capacity building, interventions through well desired programmes on issues, themes, and needs of actual interest. Rather than prioritizing certain areas top-down, we believe the bottom-up approach allows not only to remain competitive in already strong fields, but will also create incentives for new fields who have the potential of contributing to UDC.

Intervention type

Global Minds


01/01/2017 - 31/12/2021

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish promoter Nancy Terryn
Flemish promoter Guido Van Huylenbroeck
Local partner institution Universiteit Gent
visit www.ugent.be
Budget € 5.571.194