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Strengthening UR-CMHS ICOP, an Integrated Community Outreach Programme in Rwanda


The proposed project aims to strengthen the Integrated Community Outreach Programme (ICOP) at the University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences. Community outreach activities are an important component of the university’s mission and substantial funding is made available to allow students, supervised by departmental staff, to venture out and offer health services to underserved communities. The programme is much appreciated by communities, students and academic staff alike, but suffers from a lack of coordination, resulting in suboptimal service delivery; an absence of multidisciplinary work; and a lacking of innovative solutions for understanding community needs and empowering communities. ICOP was established in Feb 2019 to coordinate the different outreach activities. This project aims to strengthen ICOP by 1. Developing a curriculum of integrated and multidisciplinary community outreach activities; 2. Developing effective tools to coordinate the community outreach activities; and 3. Developing and testing a community needs assessment toolkit and training module.

Intervention type

South Initiatives


01/01/2020 - 31/12/2021

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish promoter Maarten Loopmans
Local promoter Stefan Jansen
Financial collaborator Viviane Crabbé
Local partner institution KU Leuven
visit www.kuleuven.be
Local partner institution University of Rwanda
visit www.ur.ac.rw
Budget € 69.988