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IUC 2019 Phase 2 HU


The overall objective is to harness the partner university for its societal role as driver for progress in the province and the country. The programme represents the 2nd phase of the IUC with Hué University. In line with the evaluation and recommendations of the 1ste phase, the 2nd phase articulates the consolidation of achieved progress, sustainability of initiated change, and the valorisation and expansion of achieved and envisaged impact.

The focus of the programme remains creating an enabling environment for research-based education and strengthen the institutional capabilities. The structure of the constituent projects proved valid and thus remains unchanged: one transversal project and three thematic projects. Project 1 aims at transversal institutional strengthening on 3 aspects: university management, quality insurance and research-based curricular development. The three thematic projects focus on important issues in development of the region and country: aquaculture and crop production (P2), ecosystem management (P3) and rural health care development (P4).

Project 1 builds on the three themes of Phase 1: (1) innovative methods in education; (2) quality assurance (in education); and (3) university governance. The main objective is that Hué University becomes a university with an international image. That means that they aim to attract non-Vietnamese students by building international programs. Therefore it is required that up-to-date methods in education are used and that the education is controlled and managed by a quality assurance system following rules ad regulation in the Asean region. The themes (1) and (2) are supported by the organisation of local conferences and workshops, and by consultancy from Flemish academic partners. Also doctoral research is included in the field of quality assurance. The theoretical development by these students will be implemented during their years of doctoral studies in two colleges from the university. Theme (3) is supported by a yearly forum for local specialists in education an governance.

Project 2 aims to enhance the sustainability of the primary animal production of small holder farmers in central-Vietnam. Research of Phase I revealed poly-culture in aquaculture systems and local by products from agricultural activities and the food industry are key factors in this respect. In phase II studies will build on these results, which will be extended by the integration of life cycle assessments to holistically evaluate the environmental sustainability of the proposed approaches. Capacity building is aimed at through research and training on integrated animal and environmental sciences. To reach the project’s objectives essential information about sustainable aquaculture and livestock systems is disseminated to stakeholders.

Project 3 builds on the phase 1 study of Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoon ecosystems and its problems of water quality and decreasing biodiversity. In phase II studies on lagoon resilience will be continued but including Thuy Tu lagoon (the northern part connecting to Cau Hai lagoon). Research will focus on lagoon primary production, water quality monitoring, and risks assessment of pollutants. Recommended activities on education, sustainability and enhancing environmental awareness through involvement of stakeholders will be carried out.

Project 4 is to expand the excellent achievements of Phase 1 to improve the primary health care system of Vietnam at the first encounter commune health center level through a work/study modular training program based on the core content of the specialty of Family Medicine and appropriate for local needs. The project will improve the quality of health care services at primary care level and access and management of non-communicable diseases in population.

Project 5, aka PSU, will in the first place continue to support logistics and administration of the constituent projects. Furthermore, it will consolidate its role as support unit for other international projects. The project management methodology and expertise will be further integrated into the management structure of Hue University.

Intervention type

Institutional University Cooperation


01/01/2019 - 31/12/2022

This project is being implemented in:
Flemish coordinator Peter Bossier
Local coordinator Quang Linh Nguyen
Programme manager Nguyen Xuan Huy
Flemish institution Universiteit Gent
visit www.ugent.be
Local partner institution Hue University
Other Flemish Partners Universiteit Gent
visit www.ugent.be
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
visit www.vub.ac.be
Budget € 1.300.000